True partners with management

Accelerating value creation alongside management teams

Everlane Equity Partners is a private capital provider focused on equity investments in high-quality companies that are well-positioned for future growth. We utilize our fully committed capital base and extensive experience investing in small capitalization and middle market companies and seek to accelerate value creation alongside management teams that have a meaningful go-forward financial participation in the business. We are flexible in our approach, structuring transactions that yield both majority and minority ownership positions for partnering management.

Dedicating time and resources to each partnership

Senior personnel devotes full time and attention to each partnership, getting as involved as preferred by our management team partners. We maintain a more concentrated portfolio and target only one to two investments per year to ensure that our team dedicates more time and resources towards each partnership.

Our Approach

Deep experience across multiple industry verticals

We have relevant knowledge and industry experience across different markets, and we place greater emphasis on partnering with companies at a particular point in their evolution and growth cycle.

Our Criteria

Bringing speed and certainty to every deal

Everlane is an experienced financial partner with a fully committed capital base. With senior personnel involved at every stage, Everlane provides speed and certainty on all matters, pre- and post-closing.

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